The Benefits

Here at Eko Custom Homes, we are a small, close-knit team with a wealth of development and construction experience. As your principal contractor, we are very client centric and flexible to all client needs to provide a turnkey solution for all projects, ranging from small to large.

The benefits explained…

Cost Certainty

Our factory-built homes allow us to control your building costs by removing external factors. Fixing costs from the outset enables you to maintain a cash positive position, post infrastructure throughout the offsite element of your project.

Using deposits to start your purchase process, you can maintain healthy financials throughout.

Program Certainty

Programme site labour and groundworks with flexibility around a guaranteed 12 week build cycle. Decrease labour on-site, associated site management and costs.

Our factory build program gives you the opportunity to plan effectively without any time loss due to weather or contractors timetables. 

Quality Certainty

Quality is paramount with all of our products. Strict quality controls in a factory environment, including key stage building control inspections, all guarenteeing the highest quality and compliance to technical standards throughout the build.



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