The benefits explained…

Cost Certainty

Control your building costs using our factory built homes. Fixed cost from day one and a cash positive purchase post infrastructure from the get go…

Use your customers deposit to start the purchase process, keep the right side of the bank from start to finish.

Program Certainty

Program your site labour and groundworks with flexibility around a guaranteed 12 week build cycle. Decrease site activity, labour on-site and associated site management.

Our factory build program gives you the opportunity to plan effectively without any time loss due to weather or contractors timetables.

Quality Certainty

Quality is paramount with all of our products. Strict quality controls in a factory environment including key stage NHBC inspections all guaranteeing the highest quality and compliance to technical standards throughout the build.

We build robust homes that set themselves apart from anything available today.

“Our homes have been exhibited at Grand Designs Live and have been praised by leading experts in the industry”